About Us

Built from the ground up, our team of professional contractors have been working on a set journey, designing and constructing dream homes for clients across the GTA. As a team of proud and committed experts, we strive to build the ultimate package of a dream home, full of future value, comfortability and an array of life experiences.  Anything that your personal home needs for improvement is our project mission, as we aim to maintain and build the satisfaction of our clients.

Full List of Services

The way that a person feels about their home is an important concept to the company and is a top priority when it comes to working with our clients.  By ensuring that there is an effortless transition into a new and improved home, clients can enjoy the same comfort of their prior residences with a beautiful and enjoyable interior and exterior home makeover.  Soroush Gholami Enterprise Inc. offers complete renovation and home remodeling services such as full basement renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodelling and much more in order to provide clients with a vibrant housing experience.

The company provides complimentary quotation services and welcomes any questions on site that a client may have regarding the development of a desirable house project.

Followed by an intricate series of steps for complete home project management and through exemplary project supervision, Soroush Gholami Enterprise can help guide clientele towards making their future visions of a dream home into a reality.